Who are we

Fashion has created a space for history culture and art to fuse. It was about trends and brands worn in order to be “in.” It’s much more than the clothes you see on runway models walking down the aisle during Fashion week. 


We all have some sense of style, we wear certain clothes that to each of us share some type of our personal idenity. Certain pieces tell a story about us, and that is where the beauty lies. We as a people are creating a culture now thats accepting of many styles, that add to the bigger dynamic of what fashion is for us all today. 


It’s transformative… 

Menswear for example its transformed into being more than just fancy suits. There’s a pulse to menswear and within that pulse lives different variations of menswear; urban/ street style etc. As these styles continue to grow and evolve, the versatility of menswear increases also. 

Thus, brand Rafael Soto…


We seek to tie tailored clothing and urban style, into a union of uncharted waters. Taking fashion where we hope life will follow, to a union of all culture and all lifestyle. No longer making decision out of fear but embracing what could be. This is the inspiration of what’s next for us, in our life, our culture, our taste, and our choices.



Rafael Soto, the urban tailor coming 2018.

Rafael Soto