Tie it all together

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Whether or not you have to wear one at work, there’s a time and a place when a tie is appropriate. From an office meeting to a holiday party, a tie helps bring balance to the elements of an outfit with a touch of color and texture.

What’s that saying?


You can tell a lot from a man’s tie; I mean it is the first thing people notice but it also gives the onlooker an insight into the type of person you are - namely your attitude, style, and even personality. 

Even if you’re not aware of it, there are a couple reasons why people pay attention to the tie you’re wearing. 

There’s something’s about a distinct pattern in a tie that adds a strong element of interest. Take for instance a breeze block or most commonly known as a cinder block, in the 50’s they were in every household. You know those huge rectangular blocks with the rough scratchy surface? Yes those. It’s no wonder why some hated them. But you know growing up it was always cool walking past places out of these blocks, and when the sun shined at the right moment; you could see an awesome display of patterns.



Hmm, something so readily available could be used to create a basic pattern that in turn creates a form of art. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 6.08.55 PM.png

The inspiration for our current tie collection comes from that notion of using that modern repetitive pattern to create crisp clean stylish pieces.

Such a simple accessory can make all the difference between a compliment for being well dressed or having people brush by you in indifference. Allow our ties to speak on your behalf as a well put together gentleman.

Rafael Soto