The New Anatomy of the T-Shirt


We believe in designing clothing without compromise. Even a T-shirt should be a piece that you treasure and allows you to express your personal style. Our first step is translating a concept into something wearable. Rafael was inspired by the sleek angels of the Rotterdam Centraal, which influenced the geometric, body enhancing design you see on many of our T-shirts.

In recent years the anatomy of the T-shirt has has embraced more urban flair. We have made this new style our own by blending master tailoring techniques and carefully sourced materials.

  • Neckline: the neckline of a modern T-shirt is cut wider and deeper than the constricting crew neck design popular in years past. This larger but calculated opening allows for a more natural feeling while offering the opportunity to show off your clavicle, tattoos or shoulder muscles.
  • Sleeve: the cap sleeve has been a mainstay in T-shirt design for several decades. However as men have become increasingly aware of their fashion choices so has their need for control over how their outfits look. As a result our sleeves are cut to the bicep, a design detail that gives you the freedom to adjust the sleeve length by simply rolling them up.
  • Length: exquisite tailoring is at the heart of the Rafael Soto brand and we are constantly blending this Savile Row precision with an urban attitude. While traditional T-shirts are 29 inches in length ours are patterned at 31 inches with a scalloped side seam. It’s no surprise that the silhouette of our T-shirts are inspired by the tails of a perfectly fitted dress shirt. 
Tabletop Product-20 web.jpg

We believe great design can only be experienced to their fullest potential by using high quality textiles. Our T-shirts are brought to life with Supima Cotton, which represents less than one percent of cotton grown in the world, to ensure that each piece is soft, durable and offers the least amount of shrinkage possible. 

This is what we mean by clothing without compromise. We blend original creative inspiration, urban tailoring and carefully sourced textiles into each of our pieces . The result? The highest quality T-shirt that you can create in America.