The Beauty in What Was

metal rust 3.jpg

It’s easy to throw something away if you do not want it. Our world is filled with unlimited avenues to buy whatever we want, when we want it - all at the click of a button. But what about the importance of something that is no longer considered beautiful?

This week we are sharing the inspiration in beauty that has been lost. The metal objects shown below once had a specific purpose and since then nature has intervened; covering them in a vibrant layer of rust. As a result, the original beauty and purpose of these items has faded. But if we take a moment to appreciate this evolution, we come to realize the importance of what has happened. Nature has created new, vibrant colors and textures that can influence art and fashion. We believe this idea of what was is important to lean into especially in an industry that tends to focus on “what’s next.”

When you discover the value in objects and ideas that are no longer considered beautiful the result is something unexpected; something that is thoughtful and crafted with soul.

This idea of finding beauty in what was has inspired our new fall designs. One of them is our fitted Fashion Kimono; a stunning historical garment that has been reimagined by Rafael Soto with contemporary patterns and luxury textiles. Layered over a suit, our fashion kimono creates tension and offers a traditional silhouette with an urban vibe. This is an ideal piece to be worn by today’s fashion conscious connoisseurs. 

metal rust 1.jpg
metal rust 2.jpg