Fall Fashion Preview: The Art of Tension.

In order to appreciate fall fashion to its fullest, we must be open to change. As summer comes to an end many of us are secretly day dreaming about autumn jackets and tailored denim instead of summer beaches and SPF. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. While change is an important theme when thinking about fall fashion, we’re interested in evolving the conversation and telling a deeper story. At Rafael Soto we have an unapologetic appreciation for the art of tension.

The idea of tension has constantly inspired Rafael’s designs and manifests itself in a variety of ways each year. This season Rafael is looking towards photographer Jan Kempenaers’ images of abandoned Spomeniks - looming mysterious sculptures juxtaposed on the angelic countryside in former Yugoslavia. They were commissioned by the rebel leader Tito to commemorate the citizens who perished during World War II.

The Spomeniks embody our curiosity towards tension perfectly. The stunning structures have been created to pay tribute to a brutal period in our history. They’re constantly at odds with the surrounding countryside; a feeling that inspires our sense of style as the juxtaposition tells a more compelling story.

As we turn our lens towards fashion, tension can be interpreted in many different ways. We imagine our muse wearing a ripped, destroyed T-shirt under a perfectly fitted suit. Or a beautiful pairs of jeans and a leather jacket with dishelved hair and broken glasses. Our gent is a little messed up, which in many ways is a more authentic interpretation of fashion.

We’ll continue diving deeper into the idea of tension as a fashion construction as Rafael Soto debuts his new designs this fall. Pictured is a preview of our blue collar inspired apron, one of Rafael’s new concepts. It has a compelling story and is sure to be one of your new go-to wardrobe staples, but more on that to come. In the meantime, enjoy the sun and become inspired.

Rafael Soto