Blurred Lines: Challenging the Blue and White Collar Aesthetic through Fashion

Uniforms have long held a symbolic meaning in our society. The apron, specifically, has been worn historically by service industry professionals, machinists and housewives as a representation of America’s foundational blue collar history. While designing his new Fall 2017 collection, Rafael Soto was inspired by this iconic silhouette and created a wearable fashion apron that challenges the conventional idea of how it should be worn. This idea is a continuation of Rafael’s exploration in tension, a fashion concept introduced in our previous blog post.

Our apron’s silhouette is iconic while embodying the popular urban fit proportions of today’s style conscience. The double window pane patterned textile is created exclusively for Rafael Soto by the American Wollen Company, which offers a modern luxury edge to this design. The tension found in styling a well fitted suit with Rafael Soto’s Fashion Apron tells an intriguing story, one that challenges us to reexamine our preconceived notions of how blue and white collar workers should dress. Should our muse be serving coffee or closing their next business deal? And does it matter? This is how fashion will continue to mirror society’s evolving understanding of class structure over the next several years.

So give it a shot. Replace the vest of your three piece suite with Rafael Soto’s Fashion Apron, allowing the layers and proportions to fall into place while adding an urban edge to your ensemble. Rafael looks forward to sharing new designs with you this fall.

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fall 2018 | rafael soto fashion apron video


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