The Key to the Perfect Wardrobe: Power.

In some form or another we are all frantically searching for power. The career-minded, forward thinking gentlemen might be working towards an early promotion. For others, power could mean complete self expression or maintaining a constant sense of tranquility in their lives. Whatever your goal is, it’s hard to deny that dressing well can boost confidence and offer a leg up amongst your peers. In fact, a study by scientists at Columbia University and Cal State Northgate concludes that students who considered themselves more formally dressed felt more powerful.

At Rafael Soto, we believe the key to a powerful wardrobe lies in selecting fashion staples that can be worn between a variety of outfits and taking the guess work out of what to put on in the morning. Our jeans have been created for this specific reason.

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Shades of Denim. The foundation to a powerful wardrobe resides in owning a pair of rinsed, white and black jeans. As they are worn, the rinsed denim will evolved into the most beautiful shade of blue while the black jeans will fade to a moody grey. These can be worn with a fitted dinner jacket or even a button up shirt for a more casual look.

Lack of Character. Normally a lack of character might be considered a negative, but our jeans have been specifically designed to evolve with your lifestyle. White Oak Cone Denim is carefully indigo dyed, without any extra design details added. Depending on how you wear your jeans natural imperfections such as whiskers, stains and rips will begin to appear and add personality to your wardrobe.

Start with the Hem. It’s important to know the fit and patterning of your jeans to understand how they will evolve over time. The hem on Rafael Soto jeans will shrink about one inch when washed and each pair is patterned with a 34” inseam. This design philosophy along with only three fit options (skinny, slim and straight) offers a sense of security and confidence every time you wear our denim.

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