a Knight's Tale

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they say a suit is a modern gentleman’s armor. Well if that’s true what does a dress shirt represent? Think of a dress shirt as chainmail, the last line of defense protecting your body. Having the best material to create the best chainmail is essential for a knight. Shouldn’t having quality material to create your dress shirt be just as important?

Dress shirts are made from the most luxurious Italian mill “Albini Group”. The Albini Group has been producing fabrics for shirts since 1876. Each year more than 20,000 fabrics are created by the designers of the Albini Group to forecast and guarantee the best quality product to their customers all over the world. 

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A man should have the best dress shirt for any occasion in their wardrobe. Our dress shirts are made from Italian pinpoint oxford cloth.  The best material in the world, with a higher thread count, and a lighter, finer weave than the classic oxford fabric. This ensures that there’s no chink in our armor, which is what makes dress shirts made from pinpoint oxford fabric more favorable.

Our dress shirt should be a staple in every modern gentleman’s wardrobe.  

Our shirts are created in neutral palettes of brown, blacks, blues and grey's working for a variety outfits. This array of sophisticated colors set the stage for the real star of this show, you! 

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The modern gentleman's armor, equipping you with the opportunity to seize victory!


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Rafael Soto